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Beat the Drum: Wishful Beginnings / Verk Produksjoner

  • Black Box Marstrandgata Osló, Oslo, 0566 Norway (map)

Beat the drum is a series of works focusing on the present and future. How do we deal with the tremendous problems of the present and how to continue? Can art be a part of this new beginning or not? It is a strong urge for us to transform our work and ask new questions towards our aesthetics and ethics, a wish to construct new stories, new beginnings  and contexts. We are in search after urgent and new ways of sharing and opening up our work. Our ambition is to connect, opening the space and transforming it, evolving together with the audience in producing new realities and visions.

Beat the Drum: Wishful beginnings is an urge from our side to contemplate on the future, we have talked and interviewed people, held workshops with up and coming stars in Dublin and Kokkola, read SciFi novels, travelled to Paris, put flowers on graves, visiting churches, mosques and museums in search for “the next step”, whats the next step in society, in politics and does the arts have any role in the future. Our hope is to find some small seeds, seeds of hope and share them together with the audience. Our wish is to elaborate with the audience and slowly transforming the room where the audience and the performers will become one, one body of work, and hopefully new realities and connections will emerge.

Supported by The Norwegian Art Council. Co-produced by Black Box Teater, BIT-Teatergarasjen, Teaterhuset Avant Garden.