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Crisis Meeting / Kriðpleir

  • Norrköping Sverige (map)

Crisis Meeting hits the road once again. Now the lads are going to the Scenekonstbiennalen in Norrköping. 

Two performances in one day, at 12:00 and 20:00. 

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Crisis Meeting is the fourth episode in a series created by Kriðpleir around the lives and personas of performers Friðgeir Einarsson, Árni Vilhjálmsson and Ragnar Ísleifur Bragason. This particular work results from a situation that the group found themselves in, having staged three projects as Kriðpleir Theatre Group. Suddenly they had to face various questions regarding their politics and artistic agenda. The fact that they had been building their work around the idea of avatars or the characterization of the self, brought the performers to the conclusion that they might already have taken themselves to the limits of these realms; that they would from now on have no other choice but to keep on repeating what used to be new. This notion was strengthened by critical voices saying that Kriðpleir's chaotic style had become jaded. Some critics complained about the dysfunction of the characters and their lack of any further evolvement. Each member of the group had his own way of tackling the alarming uncertainty that followed. Árni turned to taking a number of courses and workshops (in acting, and color theory, to name a few), Ragnar remained calm and tried to keep up the spirit and good work, paying his therapist an occasional visit – Friðgeir turned to a rigid program of meditation and total silence.

This is where Crisis Meeting begins. By explaining to art enthusiasts the group's working methods, the trio aims at restoring their self-confidence. But opening up to the public has its consequences. The exposure, the sharing (and oversharing), and the dramatization of personal experience produce a stream of consciousness where dramatic and private matters blend in with mundane and farcical elements. The text itself is an adaptation of disorganized meetings, conversations and openings that were part of the working process leading up to the staged piece. In the end it actually documents pretty well the line of work Kriðpleir does; weaving together in one process the writing and the staging of a piece, while keeping our personal history in mind and observing ourselves in our daily routine.

"In what seems on the surface to be a simple sharing of ideas and information, Crisis Meeting adeptly blurs the lines between fact and fiction, interrogates its genre and leaves the audience with myriad questions and the beginnings of answers." - Saoirse Anton for The Review Hub

"Kriðpleir present a form of theatre which comes from its own unique perspective. It is everything and nothing. It is perplexing. It is not as easy as it seems to be slight. But afterwards, snippets of their performances keep flashing back into the brain." - Frank L. for No More Workhorse

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