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LANDLINE: Reykjavík to Edinburgh / Adrienne Wong & Dustin Harvey (Ottawa/Halifax)

  • Tjarnarbíó Tjarnargata Reykjavík, West, 101 Iceland (map)

LANDLINE is a performance taking place at once in two places. Participants walk city streets, listening to an audio guide and conversing in real time with a stranger in a different city using text messaging.  You are both audience and performer engaged in a game of unlikely rendezvous.

Using smartphones, the audience is invited to play the dual role of voyeur and accomplice in an audio-guided, experiential tour of the city. Each audience member is partnered through text messaging with a fellow participant in Edinburgh, Scotland.  As the experience unfolds, individuals are prompted simultaneously to share stories, memories, and secrets.  There are also moments in which they act out choreography they imagine doing together.  The project largely takes place outside in the city using the urban landscape as backdrop for the relationship forming between two strangers.  LANDLINE offers participants a curious exposure to the feeling of being alone together.

Created by Adrienne Wong and Dustin Harvey

Sound Engineer : Shawn Bisson

Music : Brian Riley and Elling Lien

We are artists who work hard to develop projects that speak both to us and others about the beauty found in a shared experience.  We do not merely want audiences to engage; rather, with thoughtful, playful intervention, we aim to give people a feeling they are at the heart of the experience.  Guiding our interest and curiosity is the belief to explore the world as a place for new encounters, as a shared space, as a location where people who know something get to meet people who know something else.

Dustin Harvey

Dustin’s recent work is about a beauty found in the connections between strangers. These projects include theatrical walks with the help of iPods,  live film experiences, site-specific performances, and responsive audio installations. Each production is about creating meaningful, shared experiences that are thoughtful, intimate, and temporary. @dustinharvey

 Adrienne Wong

Adrienne is interested in asking audiences to make connections with the environments and people who surround them by  “re-seeing” the familiar and re-imagining the everyday. Works include a series of site-specific audio plays, a participatory show for kids about city planning, a live, analogue Facebook, and curating the research wing of Adrienne is Associate Artist with Neworld Theatre. @AdrienneWong88

 Produced by: Secret Theatre (Halifax) in partnership with Forest Fringe (Edinburgh) 

The project was developed with support from Neworld Theatre and Secret Theatre in collaboration with the Canada's National Arts Centre.

When: Saturday, August 29, 13:00-19:15 & Sunday, August 30, 13:00-19:15. The audience sign up with the ticket office in Tjarnarbíó, only four people admitted each hour. 

WhereTjarnarbíó, Tjarnargata 12, Reykjavík

Duration : 1 hour

Ticket price : 2.200 iskr. 

Presented by LÓKAL and Reykjavík Dance Festival 

Watch a clip here 


„Landline“ fer fram á tveimur stöðum samtímis; í Reykjavík og Edinborg, en höfuðborgirnar tvær mynda einskonar leikmynd fyrir þetta spennandi verk. Þátttakendur vopnast snjallsímum, ganga um götur og hlusta á hljóðverk en eiga um leið samskipti við ókunnuga manneskju sem er stödd í sömu erindagjörðum í höfuðborg Skotlands. Þátttakendur í verkinu deila sögum, minningum og leyndarmálum. Getur maður verið aleinn, en notið um leið félagsskapar annarrar manneskju sem er víðsfjarri?  

Nýstárlegt verk sem býður upp á spennandi og afar persónulega upplifun!